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Sell more on Support My Local

We help local businesses sell more online to local people. There is no upfront charge to use our e-commerce system. We only get paid if you makes sales.

We are an extra channel

Our vendors often already sell online or at local markets. Support My Local give you an additional way to find local customers. Don’t worry if you don’t sell online yet because we will help you get a shop up and running in no time.

Book a call

The easiest way for us to learn more about each other is to have a chat on the phone.

Key facts about selling on Support My Local

We are a booking and payment platform – we do not make deliveries. Most of our vendors make free local deliveries around their shop or home and some offer delivery by post for customers who live further away. Support My Local is the only ecommerce system that supports all these possibilities.

You receive payment by Stripe (a credit card processor like PayPal) before you deliver the goods. Unlike other e-commerce platforms we never touch your money.

We charge you 8% +50p for each sale and this is deducted automatically when the customer pays you.

Real support for real people like you

You wouldn’t do your own accounts; you find an accountant who cares about your business. Selling online is the same – the best approach is to find a partner who really cares about the success of your business.

I have been helping businesses adopt IT for over 30 years. I know that every business is different and I am committed to helping you succeed. Most successful business relationships start with a phone call so book a call now. It’s free and will help you decide the best way forward for your business.

Send me an email

If you can’t speak to me in person then email james@supportmylocal.org

Apply to become a vendor

If you would like to have your own shop just register and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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