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A sequence of 12 short stories for two or more voices. Original cover art by Nomis. Limited edition.


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FABLES from the GREAT NORTH WOOD is a sequence of 12 short stories for two or more voices. It’s structured like one of the English Mystery lays from York and elsewhere but is set in London, modern era, much less God.

The two narrators are Jack, as in the Green Man of English folklore, and Diane, as in Diana the Classical goddess and patron of the countryside, hunters, crossroads, and the Moon. In myth, Diana is also portrayed as a virgin goddess and protector of childbirth.

Fables mashes pagan and Christian traditions while referencing classical myths and being anchored in the present day. For instance, the violence comes largely in the context of knife-crime. As with the original Mystery Plays, the Fables are written with community participation in mind. I mention other faiths to suggest they are part of the  same plot.

So, why bother to read FABLES? Because it’s different, powerful and relevantBecause it can be produced cheaply with two young actors and a director, or, equally, scaled up relative to more generous budgets. FABLES will work on stage, online, on location or – ideally – a multi-media mix of all three. It could be an app. It could work in standalone sections. For instance, Play Nine, the central section – Nativity Uncut – could be a Christmas project for grown-ups as well as kids. There are direct opportunities to seek support funding from City Livery  company foundations – the mystery successors of guilds behind the 15th and 16th century plays.

Here is how it starts . . .

I – Before the Beginning

Pond Mount. Blackheath. Nothing is begun.
There is nothing here, not even London.
It’s cold: a life-defying Kelvincold.
A bare expanse with nothing for a soul.

It’s vacant, gaping, meaningless space
known as Chaos to Greek mythologists,
a chasm without bottom, top or sides,
a vacuum waiting for the start of time.

This is before the beginning, before
the hills, before the dinosaurs,
before the pharaohs and before the flood,
before beliefs, exchange, bodies and blood.

Slowly, off-beat ethereal noises
subvert the blankets of freezing silence.
From the hollowness, Northern Lights arise
colouring the obsidian darkness.

Six raven figures, dressed in anthracite
habits, slide out of the backlit midnight.
Hissing winds and knocking sounds are heard
which, as befits beginning, become words . . .

Specification: FABLES from the GREAT NORTH WOOD

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