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We make award-winning books and audio of songs and rhymes for the very young to share with their carers. Our books are fully illustrated, and no music-reading is required to enjoy them. All the music is available to stream (from our site, from Spotify, or other streaming platforms), and as a physical CD which comes with each book.

Here’s a place to find action songs and rhymes to fuel the energy of any part of a baby- or toddler-minding day – changing a nappy, getting shoes on wriggly feet, splatting through mud, stacking a brick tower, making cup cakes, getting jam all over the place and splashing around in the bath. What a day. Time to get that baby to sleep with a lullaby – or maybe a back-patting croon to help with the colic.

Whether traditional, well-known, or original, every song and rhyme has been fully tested and loved by babies and toddlers, their parents, carers, and under-fives educational practitioners.

‘An ideal gift for a new baby’ Early Education

‘A complete guide to playing with babies and young children’ Under Five Contact

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