Professional Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT)

    How to complete this form

    Please print this form, read it carefully and sign it. Then take a photo with your phone and send it to flowmove@supportmylocal.org.

    My responsibilities include without limitation that I will,

    Before starting my AYTT make a risk assessment of my aerial yoga equipment and space and my own suitability for doing aerial yoga.


    I will verify that my hummock is set up by a reliable certified structural engineer who provides me with the appropriate rigging, wight load (min 200 kg) to promote a safe practice.

    I will verify that the hummock and additional equipment (rings, loop chains, carabiners) I am using are from reliable resources.

    I will make sure that the area where I am practicing is free of any objects at least 2m around myself and the floor is dry without any obstacles.


    • I will dress in comfortable clothing that is free of sharp objects and with
    • no exposed zippers, exposed snaps, or hidden stones, as these can snag and rip the fabric hammocks and damage your skin and I will
    • remove jewellery such as necklaces, watches, bracelets and rings and
    • take shoes and socks off when entering the yoga hammock space.

    I understand,

    that aerial yoga activity and instructions provided at FlowMove Guidelines (demonstrated in person, pictures, videos, manual) include but are not limited to physical movements, stretching, breathing exercises, strengthening exercises, meditation techniques and physical adjustments for the purpose of improving alignment or understanding of movement and that I may decline any of these options at my own choosing.

    That if I suffer from any medical condition I need to seek for my doctor’s advice on whether this training is suitable for me.

    That aerial yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, diagnosis, or treatment and is not safe under certain medical conditions.

    The instructor is acting as an aerial yoga teacher, not an occupational therapist.

    I agree that,

    if I experience pain, discomfort, excessive fatigue or overexertion, I will rest and notify the instructor.

    During this course I will follow the guidelines about how to provide my future students with the safe aerial yoga practice.

    I take full responsibility for any positions, modifications and extra content I might create during this course.

    I am solely responsible for the decision to take AYTT at FlowMove.

    After a compilation of this training I take full responsibility to comply with the regulations of the country where I practice aerial yoga including without limitation purchasing appropriate insurance*.


    I acknowledge that as it is the case with any physical activity, participation in AYTT poses a possible risk of personal injury.

    I am fully aware of the possible risks involved in AYTT and hereby agree to irrevocably and voluntarily release FlowMove from and against any and all claims and liabilities.

    By signing this Waiver I take the whole responsibility for any risk and injury I might be exposed to during this training. FlowMove and the founder Joanna Puchala are not taking any responsibility for my health conditions.


    Student’s Signature:



    Professional insurance is available from,

    {*} This note does not form part of this agreement

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