Sell Raffle Tickets Online

Sell digital copies of your paper raffle tickets online

Benefits of selling raffle tickets online

  • Sell some or all of your paper raffle tickets online
  • Easy sales – just email your supporters the link to your raffle ticket and watch them buy!
  • Secure payment directly to your Stripe account – we never touch your money
  • No missing cash or counterfoils
  • No sale – no fee. Only 8% commission.

What our customers say

Moira Tait, Festival Director, Brockley Max

“Selling some of our paper raffle tickets online increased our sales by 30%! James from Support My Local made selling raffle tickets in our online shop and doing the draw at the Brockley Max festival a breeze”

How it works

Just tell us which ticket numbers you want to sell online and we will do the rest (keep the tickets safe because you will need the stubs for the draw). Winners claim by showing their ticket on their mobile phone. The order number (shown in the image above) allows you to verify the ticket and to look up their contact details if they don’t claim on the day.

Apply to sell raffle tickets online

Please fill out this form. We will contact you to get your local authority licence number and the details of your tickets. (If you need help or advice just scroll down.)



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Need help or advice?

James Bayley

Have you got questions about security, compliance or how sell tickets online and do the draw?

These might be answered in the FAQ below but if you want to talk to a real person just give me a call. I have helped lots of small charities and businesses make their first sales online and I am looking forwards to helping you.

Just give me a call on 07989 381331 or mail me at support@supportmylocal.org.

FAQ about selling raffle tickets on Support My Local

Can I talk with someone?

Yes. We are not a big faceless corporation! We are a small business founded by James Bayley to help charities and not-for-profits. Just give him a call on 07989 381331 or mail support@supportmylocal.org to talk so someone who wants to help you.

Is it legal to sell paper raffle tickets online?

Yes. Not-for-profit societies that have registered their raffle with their local authority can sell tickets on line . (If you need more information about this please see here and here, opens in new tab).

What does the raffle ticket buyer get?

Support My Local sends raffle ticket buyers a digital copy of their ticket with the number on it. If they win the raffle, they can present their electronic ticket on their mobile to collect their prize. You don’t have to post them the paper raffle ticket.

How do I do the draw?

You will have told Support My Local which ticket to sell (for example tickets 1 to 1000). You keep these paper tickets safe.

On the day you put the raffle ticket stubs from the tickets that you have sold online into your draw.

Winners can claim their prize using their digital raffle ticket. We generate a report to allow you to easily verify their raffle ticket.
This method is quick and easy. You don’t have to copy out hundreds of names and addresses by hand or make your own raffle tickets with scissors!

Can I sell all my raffle tickets online?

Yes, and this can save on the cost of printing pretty tickets because if you are selling less than 1000 raffle tickets you can buy an inexpensive book of pre-printed raffle tickets from Amazon.

Do customers pay me directly?

Yes. Customer payments go directly into your Stripe account. Support My Local never touches your customer’s money or their credit card details.

Do I need a Stripe account?

Yes. This is the most secure form of payment because we never touch your customers money.

Does Stripe support local authority licenced small society lotteries in the UK?

Thousands of not-for-profit organisations use Stripe for all their card processing needs.

Please note that when applying for a Stripe account the application processing software may automatically deny your application if it contains the words “raffle” or “lottery” because unlicenced raffles are illegal and pose a commercial risk to Stripe. You may prefer to use the phrase “Donations and other legal fundraising activity in the UK” so that you application is processed on its merits and not binned by software. If you would like to talk about this or other inequities in the current financial system feel free to call James on 07989 381331. I am here to help.

What do you charge?

It is free to set-up a shop on Support My Local to sell raffle tickets. Each sale is charged a commission of 8%. This will be deducted by Stripe in addition to their normal credit card processing fees.

Where can I see a free shop?

We have lots of shops listed on the front page of website, but a good example of a charity site is the Friends of Dulwich College.

Do you have a template for the raffle’s rules?

Yes. Here is a template for the rules of a raffle to be held in England and Wales.

Can I sell other products or take donations in my free shop?

Yes. Brockley Max takes donations and sells goods and services. Dulwich College sells Christmas goods. Slightly different fees apply depending on what you want to do, please contact us for details.

How do I create products to sell in the free shop?

You will login to the Support My Local website to create your products. We think our system is very easy to use and most vendors have no problem setting up their shop and products.

Do you offer an assisted set-up service?

Yes. We know that some people take longer to get used to new systems than others. Our standard support is by email but for a small charge (£60) we can call you (phone, Zoom or Microsoft Teams) to help you set up your shop and your raffle tickets.

Is it secure and GDPR compliant?

Yes. All payments are made using Stripe technology and we act as a data processor for your customer’s purchase data.

Are you an External Lottery Manager?

No. We we print digital raffle tickets and provide an online shop as a service in accordance with our contract and your instructions.
Support My Local will not promote your raffle, provide prizes, hold customer’s money, pick the winner or any other activities that might be construed as managing your raffle for you.

Sounds good – what is the next step?

Simply fill in the free registration form and we will be in touch.

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