Raffle Rules Template for a Small Society Raffle held according to the laws of England and Wales.

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Small Society Raffle Rules Template

Title: Rules for raffles conducted by the Society whose name is printed on the ticket.

Text in [brackets] does not form part of these rules.

1. Name and Purpose:

The raffle name is shown on the ticket.

The purpose of this raffle is to raise funds for the good causes named on the ticket or in the product description on supportmylocal.org.

The Promoter will make reasonable efforts to ensure that all promotional material is accurate however in the event of any conflict these rules are definitive.

2. Promoter:

The Society member who is the promoter of this raffle is shown on the ticket together with their contact details.

The Society (We/Us) are not using an External Lottery Manager and,

  • Income from ticket sales will go straight into the our merchant account and will not be held by any third party.
  • We are solely responsible for providing prizes.
  • We will pick the winner and will not use a 3rd party system for this purpose.

3. Eligibility:

The raffle is open to residents of England and Wales aged 16 and over.

The promoter and those organising and conducting the draw and their immediate families are not eligible to participate.

4. Ticket Information:

Each ticket shall be sold for the price specified on supportmylocal.org.

Tickets can be purchased online [and in person – delete as appropriate].

5. Prize Details:

The prize(s) shall be as specified on the supportmylocal.org or on the ticket. The Society reserves the right to replace any prize with one of similar or greater value.

The Society will make reasonable efforts to ensure that goods offered as prizes are as described in promotional material. The Society is in no way responsible for ensuring that services or vouchers have the value ascribed to them or their successful redemption by the winner.

The total value of all prizes shall not exceed £25,000 in any one raffle and £250,000 in all raffles held by the Society in a year.

6. Draw Date and Location and Process:

The draw will be conducted in a fair and impartial manner according to the applicable laws.

The normal process for the draw is that,

  • The prizes will be drawn in the order they appear on the ticket.
  • Each prize will be announced prior to the draw
  • The winning ticket will be drawn by an impartial person and announced by or verified by them.

However this process may be modified to accommodate the normal customs and practices of the Society.

The Society will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the draw takes place at the date and time and location specified on the ticket or the product listing. However, it reserves the right to change these details if necessary. If it is not possible to do a public draw the Society may at its absolute discretion decide to record or broadcast the draw and will make reasonable efforts to make the recording or broadcast available to ticket holders for a period of 7 days.

7. Ticket Sales

Tickets may only be sold by authorised agents at their face value.

Tickets will be on sale from [Specify Start Date] to [Specify End Date].

Tickets buyers are required to provide accurate and useful contact information at the time of purchase.

Any tickets purchased after the closing date will be deemed invalid.

Transferability of ownership from the buyer to another person,

  • Paper tickets are normally transferable,
  • Electronic tickets are normally not transferable,
  • but the organisers may allow or disallow such transfers on a case-by-case basis if that will promote the fair and efficient operation of the raffle.

8. Invalid Tickets:

The organisers may deem a ticket invalid for reasons including,

  • It being sold after the end date for sales,
  • It being reported lost or stolen or having a reasonable suspicion thereof,
  • It is defaced, or illegible,
  • It being subject to a payment dispute,
  • any other legitimate reason.

9 Donated Prizes:

Prizes become the property of the Society when they enter physical possession of the Society or in the case of vouchers or pledges when the definitive documentation is received.

The Society shall account for prizes as “Restricted Income” and they shall only be applied for the purposes specified in these Rules.

In the event of the loss or damage of donated prizes then the Society shall offer prizes of similar value for the purposes specified in these Rules.

10 Collections of Prizes:

Prize winners are responsible for any costs associated with collecting their prize unless specified otherwise in these rules.

Ticket holders are encouraged to attend the draw and if they win they should collect their prize by presenting their digital ticket [or paper ticket] immediately.

The organisers will take reasonable measures to contact the winners of unclaimed prizes by using the contact information supplied at the time of purchase.

Alcoholic prizes may not be given to winners who are under 18 years of age. If a person under the age of 18 wins an alcoholic prize they must nominate a person over 18 to receive their prize. [Alcoholic raffle prizes in sealed containers are exempt from the Licencing Act].

Any prizes that remain unclaimed within 30 [Specify number of days] of the draw date will be deemed forfeited. Unclaimed prizes will then become the property of The Society and may be used for future fundraising efforts or charitable purposes at the discretion of the organizing committee.

11. Publicity and Promotion:

Raffle tickets may not be promoted to those under 16 years of age.

Raffle tickets may not be sold or promoted on the public streets.

All advertising and promotional materials will accurately represent the raffle.

12. Proceeds and Allocation:

The Society will treat all all proceeds from the raffle as Restricted Income and they will go towards good causes specified by these rules.

13. If the raffle is cancelled:

  1. Treatment of Ticket Holders’ funds
    • The Society will make reasonable efforts to inform Ticket Holders if the raffle is cancelled.
    • Ticket Holders are entitled to a refund of the face value of the ticket and the society shall make reasonable efforts to make this refund within 30 days. Refunds not collected within 1 year and day of the date of the raffle will be donated to the causes supported by this raffle.
    • The Society may ask Ticket Holders whether they wish to donate their payment to the good causes specified by these Rules or an alternative good cause. Ticket Holders are under no obligation to consider this offer.
  2. Treatment of Donated Prizes
    • The Society will make reasonable efforts to inform Prize Donors if the raffle is cancelled.
    • The Society may at its own discretion either offer to return the prizes or apply them to Purpose for which they were donated.
    • If the Society does offer to return the prizes the Prize Donor is responsible for any costs incurred including without limitation shipping.
    • Any prizes still in the possession of the Society 30 days after the date of the raffle become irrevocable property of the Society and shall be applied to the Purpose specified in these rules.

14. Records and Reporting:

Accurate records of prize donations, ticket sales, income, and expenses will be maintained.

A report of the raffle results, including the total raised and the allocation of funds, will be made available to ticket holders and prize donors upon request.

The Society may publish the ticket number, last name and the location of prize winners, for example, “Mr Smith, SE4”.

15. Complaints and Disputes:

Any complaints or disputes regarding the raffle should be submitted in writing to the promoter within 30 days of the draw date.

16. Legal Requirements:

This raffle will be conducted in compliance with the laws of England and Wales, including the Gambling Act 2005 and related regulations.

17. Data Protection:

Personal information collected during the raffle will be used solely for the purpose of the raffle and will not be shared with third parties.

18. Changes to the Rules:

The promoter reserves the right to make changes to these rules if necessary. Any changes will be communicated to participants.

19. Governing Law:

These rules are governed by the laws of England and Wales and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

It is our intention that these rules correctly implement the requirements of the UK Gambling Act 2005 and subsequent amendments and the Society reserves the right to change them at any time if necessary.

20. Attribution and Copyright

These rules were originally drafted by Support My Local to support the sale of paper raffle tickets online and have been reproduced and amended by the Society under the Creative Commons licence “CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED Attribution-Share A like 4.0 International”. You may use them for your raffle providing your include this link Support My Local as attribution.

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