The Fundraising Journey

Fundraising is tough and want make it as simple as possible for you get up and running and making money. We have broken down your fundraising journey into six steps which we will help you complete.

1. Learn about Support My Local

You can learn more about Support My Local and get our free PDF guide here.

2. Apply for a fundraising account

Your first step towards raising money is to apply for a fundraising account.

You can apply for a free fundraising account if you are a “Good Cause” that supports local people and you don’t have to be a charity.

We don’t issue fundraising accounts to individuals, political organisations or where only a single person will benefit from donations. We prefer beneficiaries to be local so “Save the Amazon Rain Forest” would not get an account but “Street Trees” would.

3. Create your fundraising account

When your application is accepted you must create a fundraising account on Support My Local. This will allow you to provide information for potential business supporters.

4. Ask local businesses to support your Good Cause

Each fundraising organisation will approach this differently. Some will be marketing experts and already have relationships with many local businesses, others will be doing it for the first time. Whatever your situation we are here to help.

5. Remind your members to use SupportMyLocal.org

It’s great to have businesses donating to you but we want them to donate to you every month for ever. However public spirited they are this is more likely if they are seeing some return on their investment. You must regularly remind parents to use SupportMyLocal.org to find suppliers and write reviews.

6. Receive donations (and spend them)

This is this the what we have all been working towards and is a great achievement by you and your business supporters. You must write a report each term saying what you have spent the money on (or are saving it for). This will encourage existing supporters to keep paying and make it easier to recruit new ones.

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