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Many Independent Schools Maintain Historic Buildings

Most independent schools are charities and must provide a benefit to the poor.

The Upper Tribunal’s decision, published in October 2011, concluded that, in all cases, there must be more than minimal or token benefit for the poor, but that trustees of a charitable independent school should decide what was appropriate in their particular circumstances. Benefits could be provided in a variety of ways.

Parliament Research Briefing

Scholarships and bursaries are some of many ways that independent schools contribute to the public benefit. Most fundraising is done through one-off events but this is not a good match for scholarships and bursaries because they require regular payments.

Support My School is the best fundraising solution for independent schools because it generates a monthly income.

Support My Local is a business directory like the Yellow Pages. Good Causes ask local businesses to advertise on Support My Local and receive at least 51% of the fee. Local businesses could be shops, tradesmen and even the good causes’ own members.

Good Causes help local businesses by encouraging their members to use Support My Local to find suppliers and write reviews.

Local businesses benefit because Support My Local is much cheaper than other advertising platforms like Checkatrade or Trustpilot and builds their brand with local people who are most likely to become customers.

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