About Us

What Do We Do?


We have refocused our efforts to helping local businesses deliver food and essential supplies to people who are self-isolating.


Support My Local is a business directory like the Yellow Pages. Good Causes ask local businesses to advertise on Support My Local and receive at least 51% of the fee. Local businesses could be shops, tradesmen and even the good causes’ own members.

Good Causes help local businesses by encouraging their members to use Support My Local to find suppliers and write reviews.

Local businesses benefit because Support My Local is much cheaper than other advertising platforms like Checkatrade or Trustpilot and builds their brand with local people who are most likely to become customers.

Why Did We Found Support My Local?

Raising money for local causes is tough. One-off events and donations for capital items (like climbing frames or trees) are great but what is missing is a way to raise a constant income to meet constant outgoings of the good cause like booking meeting rooms and office expenses.  Our goal is that Support My Local will provide good causes with a constant stream of discretionary funds that can be used for both capital and expenses.

Our Commercial Values

  • We want to promote cooperation between local people, good causes and businesses.
  • We want to deliver value-for-money to businesses and become a commercially effective advertising partner.
  • We believe that good causes should explain clearly how the funds raised benefit the local community.

How We Make Money

We have traditional advertising model. That is to say, we hope that one day the income from adverts is greater than the cost of creating our content and operating the site

Our Team

Support My Local was founded by Dr James Bayley.

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Support My Local is a trading name of Doctor-IT Limited.

Doctor-IT Limited is registered in England with registration number 5367721 and its registered office is 5 Gordonbrock Road, London, SE4 1JA.

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