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My name is Giuseppe, I handmake a fabulous range of awardwinning charcuterie from my small factory in southeast London. I combine the highest quality free range meat from British farms with ancient techniques of fermentation and curing to create incredible flavours in some mouth-watering products.

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Delivery on Thu 16 July 2020 (Some availability)
Thursday next week
Assorted charcuterie

This assorted pack of mouthwatering charcuterie includes 4 x 125g free range pork salamis — in fennel, classic, piccante and London chorizo; and 2 x our 100g packs of sliced coppa (pork collar), delicious on pizza, in salads, or simply on bread. These awardwinning products are great as an appetiser with a glass of wine or beer in the evening; or as daytime snacks.


Thursday next week
Popular Collection

This collection includes five of our most popular products — one 300g nduja, the spicy spreading salami for pizza toppings, pasta sauces or simply spread on bread; 3 free range pork 125g ~ 5oz salamis: our London chorizo, fennel, and classic (garlic and pepper) salamis; and a 100g pack of sliced coppa, the whole muscle pork product delicious sliced on pizza, in salads, or on bread.


Thursday next week
Super Collection – varied charcuterie

This bumper pack of delicious charcuterie includes 1 x large free range pork slicing salami (600g) — a classic garlic and pepper; 4 x our popular 125g free range pork salamis in the fennel, classic, piccante and London chorizo; 2 x 100g packs of sliced coppa (pork muscle product); and 1 x our incredible spicy spreading salami ndjua giving heat and flavour to sauces, pizza or simply spread on bread. These are all delicious as an appetiser with a glass of wine or beer, as snacks, or as key ingredients in a range of sauces.


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