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Support My Local publishes advertisements from local businesses to support local good causes. We are an advertising platform that has the best parts of the Yellow Pages and review sites like Checkatrade or TrustPilot. Our big difference is that we are cheaper and that we donate at least 51% of your payment to the local good cause that you choose.

Our Plans

Standard Supporter

£27.5per month
£27.5per month
  • Show You Support a Local Good Cause
  • The Good Cause that you support will ask their members to shop with you.
  • Have an advert like this on this website
  • Collect Reviews On Support My Local (Optional)
  • Simple widgets for your website

    "Proud to support "

    "Review us on Support My Local"

    "See our reviews on Support My Local"

Get a Discount From Your Favourite Good Cause

Many of our Good Causes offer a discount to businesses that support them. Choose one from this list,


Who will see my advertisement and reviews?

Your entry in this business directory will be visible to all website visitors and appear in the searches by Google, Bing, etc.

How much of my payment goes to the good cause?

Each month we will make a voluntary donation to the good cause that you support equal to at least 51% of your payment after refunds, taxes, card and bank processing fees.

Why should I advertise on Support My Local?

All businesses need to advertise and the usual options, Google, Facebook, Trustpilot mean that you are increasing the profits of giant american corporations who do nothing for your community. Support My Local is different because the majority of your payment will be donated to the good cause you choose.

Our Good Causes have committed themselves to marketing your services to their members and to encouraging members to write reviews on the system. Local people trust each other and good reviews should increase your sales.

Why should I collect customer reviews?

Amazon.com dominates online retailing and TripAdviser dominates travel planning. A major reason for this is the number and quality of their reviews. Most customers will check a supplier’s reviews before making a major purchase.

Our reviews are made by local people who your prospective customers will trust.

Why are you 3x cheaper than TrustPilot?

We are start-up and we know that we have to work harder and be cheaper to get your custom. Our prices will go up in future but if you buy now then you will keep the low rate for as long as you are with us. You can check out TrustPilot’s plans and pricing here .

Why are your cancellation fees £1500 cheaper than TrustPilot?

We have a monthly plan and no cancellation fee but TrustPilot locks you in for 1 year. If you try our service for 3 months and then cancel you will save over £1500.

You can check out TrustPilot’s plans and pricing here .

How are stars shown on reviews and the ReviewScore calculated?

Our reviews are an open source implementation of the NPS® system which was designed drive continuous improvement within a company. We have embraced and extended it to provide measures suitable for a public website.

A review which gives an NPS score of 9 or 10 will be rated 5*.

The ReviewScore is an exponential moving average of all your reviews and a six month old review contributes about half as much to your score as new one. To prevent wild oscillations when you start collecting reviews your initial score is anchored around 7 and and it will tend to your correct value as you collect more reviews.

Will reviews really drive more sales - can I cancel?

In the early days of the review industry customers would run A/B tests with-and-without user reviews on their website. Companies like Support My Local and TrustPilot only exist because most customers see increased sales.

So for most businesses “Yes – you will make more sales” but;

It takes time and effort to collect reviews and we recommend that you integrate review management into your customer service processes. Getting the first few might be tough but you will soon have got a slick operation.

If you do find that collecting reviews is not for you then you can cancel our monthly plan at any time.

Can I remove unfavourable reviews?

You can challenge fake reviews but in common with other review sites like TrustPilot we do not allow you to remove unfavourable reviews from real customers. Your customers are going to talk, write and tweet about your services using social media. Our site is simply another way to do that and exercise their freedom of speech within the law (see FAQ about abusive reviews).

Our Silver and Gold plans allow you to respond to manage and respond to customer reviews.

How you you manage abusive reviews?

Examples of abuse include without limitation,

  • derogatory and inflammatory language directed at a person or company
  • fake reviews

Any website user may report abuse and we will investigate and remove the offending review.

Most abusive reviews arise from a lack of effective communication between the reviewer and the supplier. Our Gold plan asks users to contact you “one last time” before posting a negative review.

What are the limitations of your service?

The target audience for your adverts is local people and members of the Good Cause advertisements appear next to the Good Causes brand. If a Good Cause objects to your advertisement then the affiliation will be removed. Please consider this when deciding to advertise and creating your content.

I have a pre-sales question how can I contact you?

Just email support@supportmylocal.org. If you include your telephone number we will call you back.

Can I automatically publish my reviews on my own website?

Yes, please contact us for details.

I have another question - how do I contact you?

We would love to hear from you. Just email support@supportmylocal.org and we will get straight back to you.

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