How to Search

Our Database

Our database contains the details of thousands of crypto businesses. Each business is classified by the Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) services that they offer.

How to Search

The front page search box

The search box on the front page searches all the text in a listing and it shows results as you type. This is the quickest way to find a few businesses.

The “For Business” and “For Consumers” menus (above)

These menus let you search for businesses by service, for example, the For Business menu has searches for businesses classified as “Investment Managers” or “Marketing Services”.

The “Country” menu (above)

The Country menu lets you search for businesses in a particular country. So for example, British citizens may prefer a supplier with their headquarters in the United Kingdom.

How to show your results on a map

On the search result page you can choose to show your results on a map. This option is shown above the results or in the sidebar (below the results on mobile). Simply enter an address or postcode and we will show you your results centred on that location.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search menu allows you to search our database and display the results in many different ways. If you want a map to show Investment Managers offering “cold storage” within 50 miles of you then this is the place to come.

Sort Order

Results will normally be returned with the highest rated businesses shown first. If two businesses have the same rating but one uses the Net Promoter System (Gold Plan) to ensure customer satisfaction they will rank higher. As use of the site increase and we learn more we may tweak this system.

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