Collect Donations for your Givergy Auction

Givergy is a leading provider of auction services who provide a great funding raising solution that is used by many not-for-profit organisations.

The Challenge

Givergy require you to give them a CSV file that contains the details of all your auction lots and correctly named images for each of the lots. Getting and organising this data can take a lot of time and any mistakes can be expensive to fix and damage your relationship with the donor.

Our Solution

We will host an auction lot donation form for you in your own shop on Support My Local that has a unique URL for your auction.

You simply send the URL to your donors and they can donate online. Collecting accurate data has never been simpler.

“We prefer a one-to-one relationship and get donations in person or on the phone”

If you want to collect the data yourself we support that as well. Your staff simply complete the donation form themselves. Donors are automatically sent a copy when the lot is finalised. This makes sure they can check the details and avoids issues like mistyped names.

Your team are given logins to your shop on Support My Local and can view and edit all your donations. When your manager has reviewed and approved all the donation listings they can export a CSV file in Givergy format and a zip file that contains correctly named images for giving to Givergy.


Without donors we can’t have an auction and we should give them the best possible service so that they are happy to donate every year. Donors simply compete one form, once and the job is done. No back-and-forth emails and requests for clarification.

Many organisations use volunteer fundraisers to contact donors. These volunteers sign-up to help the organisation but not to be unpaid data-entry clerks. Support My Local helps ensure that your volunteers enjoy working with you and come back next year.

Fundraising managers can easily see the status of the donation campaign. The number of lots and their total value is clearly visible. Managers can edit the description of each lot for accuracy and compliance.


  • Collecting Donations
    • Your branded shop on Support My Local
    • A donation form with a unique URL to send to your donors
    • Each donor receives a thank you email when they submit their donation form
    • Each donor receives a copy of their donation data when the Fundraising Manager finalises the entry.
  • Processing Donations
    • Your organisation can have 1 manager and multiple staff.
    • Your team can edit donation data for accuracy, style and compliance purposes
    • A single view of ALL donations and the current status of the campaign
  • Exporting to Givergy
    • Easily export a CSV file in Givergy format
    • Easily export a zip file containing all your images for the action lot – each with the correct name saving man-hours of effort and avoiding embarrassing mistakes.
  • We will train and support your staff


Support My Local offers low priced IT solutions for charities and not-for-profits.

Learn more?

James Bayley

Screenshots are shown below and give you a good idea of how the system works and can make life better for donors and your team.

Have you got questions about how you could use our Givergy auction support?

If you want to talk to a real person just give me a call. I have helped lots of small charities I am looking forwards to helping you.

Just give me a call on 07989 381331 or mail me at support@supportmylocal.org.

Training Videos

How a user makes a donation

How you process a donation

How to process a donation

How to export auction data for importing into the Givergy auction system

How to export auction data for import into the Givergy auction system


The Donation Form

Our tried and tested donation form collects the information that you need from your donors with the minimum of fuss.

Auction Administration

An intuitive way to manage your auction.

View and mange your donations

Track all your donations in a simple spreadsheet format. Search, sort, filter and edit until every record is perfect and ready for export to Givergy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one user on my account?

Yes. Your Support My Local store has a single Shop Manager (“store vendor”) and can have many Staff.

Can all my users process donations?

Yes. All your users can process donations. We recommend that only the donation team leader does the final export and upload to Givergy.

How do I tell my prospective donors about my auction

Your auction donation form has a unique URL in your shop. You simply email this URL to your supporters. If you only have a few then you can do this manually but if you have a large list we recommend that you use mailing list management software. We can give you advice on this if necessary.

Can I run more than one auction?

Your fee is for a single auction. Most of our customers have an annual auction and use us every year.

How do I delete a donation?

Edit the donation and change the “Donation Status” to “Deleted”. When you click the “Update” button the record will be hidden but can be recovered by the Support My Local support if necessary. If you need a record to be physically deleted for security reasons please contact support@supportmylocal.org and we will be pleased to do this for you.

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