What should go in a grocery food-box?


I set up SupportMyLocal.org a couple of weeks ago with the goal of helping local suppliers sell online to local people. The first challenge is working out what people want to buy and what shops want to sell.

My first decision was to concentrate on selling “boxes” that contain a variety of items. This is because a local shop will typically sell hundreds or thousands of items and it is not practical to list them all. This simplicity works for customers too. In these times customers are less concerned about the brand of pasta than whether they can have it delivered when they are stuck in the house.

My first shop was Meat Jon, the butcher in Ladywell. We worked together to create a simple sales page and he is now making 30 free deliveries a week to local people (book here).

What groceries?

Last week I decided to look at what groceries people might want to buy if they were stuck in isolation and I asked everyone who has registered on SupportMyLocal for advice. I had a great response.

Customer Responses

From their feedback I was able to create an “Essential Food-box” for two people.

An “Essential Foodbox”

This is vegetarian and can be extended by adding £5 of meat and some cooked ham or chicken (£3).

I sent this suggested food-box to my subscribers and got positive feedback.

Next Steps

I am now looking for a retailer that would like to start selling food-boxes for delivery within 1 mile (say) of their shop.

How you can help

If you would like make a comment on this post click here.

If you know a retailer who might be interested in selling either Essential or Luxury Food-boxes. Please send them an email and suggest they give me a call on 07989 381331 or they can learn more about how I can help them here.

If you work for a charity or other good cause (e.g. not-for-profit or Community Interest Company etc) and would like to be paid for introducing new customers or suppliers to Support My Local please become an affiliate by signing up here.

If you are a marketing professional and you would like to talk to me about how you can help me grow Support My Local. then please give me call.

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James is the owner and operator of Support My Local

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